Monday, September 8, 2008

MACROSS F : 1: Cross encounter

2059 in Christian era.

To the super-long distance immigrant fleet Macross frontier Idol Singer Cheryl Nome from Macross Galaxy comes for the concert.

On the way of hurrying to the concert of Cheryl who was the wish, high school girl Rnka Lee who yearns to Cheryl meets the high school student Alto Saotome of the pilot training course.

The enemy who becomes it and it ..unknown.. encounters in such and a
sudden frontier.

Moreover, the enemy was neither earthling it, nor Alien, and
an unknown living thing of space.

Code Geass:Turn 4 "Vengeful Execution Site"

In this critical moment, Lelouch proposes a deal with Roro.
What could it be…?
The time for executions is fast approaching.
Totally unfavorable situation.
His enemy Gilford awaits for the duel.
Finally,Zero returns!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Code Geass: Turn3 "Captive Institute"

Surviving Black Knights succeeds in escaping from Babel tower amid total chaos.
Returning Zero has declared the rebuilding of United Japan!
In response, the army of Britannia orders the executions of principle members of captured "Black Knights".
Time is running out, but Lelouch cannot move freely because he is under total supervision!
That is when Lelouch makes an unexpected move….

Code Geass Wallpaper!!

Code Geass Wallpaper!!

It is a wallpaper that makes Lelouch a motif.



Saturday, September 6, 2008

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Turn2 "Planning for Japanese Independence"

What happened to the bullets fired at Kaminejima?
What happened to Lelouch and Suzaku?
The secret transformation of Lelouch is now being unveiled!!
The mysterious KnightMare who appears in front of "Black Knights" during the battle at Babel tower.
Its overwhelming combat capability is about to complete the Black Knight's destruction.
Is Lelouch doomed!?

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Turn1 "The Day a Satan Wakes Up"

One year has passed since the day of "Black Rebellion", the Japanese insurgency, which was lead by "Black Knights".
The battleground, Tokyo settlement, isfinally beginning to revive.
Lelouch Rampeluge, who attends Ashford institute, feels some sort of empty coldness among the returning calmness, while being pushed around by Viretta, a physical education instructor.One day, in the search of excitement, Lelouch goes to a gambling, a chess tournament, at the Babel tower with his younger brother Roro.
In the sky above Babel tower, an airship is approaching.
It is the beginning of a decisive operation by the survivors of Black Knights, lead by Urabe and C.C.